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September 14th, 2006

How many events were skipped this season? Remember when the house-guests got to destroy each others clothing, go 'shopping', win a trip outside the house, and the weekly food competitions? They got VERY lazy with the food comps.

I enjoyed this season, but I also found it rather boring for these reasons. They left out a lot of the things that kept me tuned into the show: you can only handle so many backstabbing plot twists before zoning out (I'd end up walking away halfway through an episode). It was just too predictable for me.

I'm not being snidey or try to get a rise out of those who liked this season: I was just a little disappointed. Anyone else?

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The finale was predictable, though I didn't quite expect the reactions of Janelle during the question period. I think she had a little bit to drink beforehand, but who doesn't love a drunk Janelle.

Ok, so Janelle's reactions to the final two answering questions, especially Erika's answer to Danielle(?) was hilarious.

Does anyone know where I could find a picture of Janelle doing the "Oh no she di-int" finger when Erika was talking?

I'd really really love that as an icon.

September 13th, 2006

All Stars, My Ass

Mermaid cartoon
Cut for people who haven't seen it. Read more...Collapse )


I don't think anyone will agree with me but...

I think this was the best season of anything I have ever seen on tv! It was absolutely amazing! And the only thing that made it so great was chill town. I'm so in love with Will and Big Brother...I just hope that BB8 can measure up...



Not impressed that Boogie won, but I sort of predicted it. Glad to see that Janelle won the Jury Prize. VERY hilarious when Danielle told Julie Chen to shut up. Me and all my friends started pissing ourselves laughing.

That's about it lol. Hopefully Big Brother 8 will bring new and refreshing people for us to love and hate. See you all next year!!!


September 9th, 2006

Cut for people who haven't been with the program (Literally!! LOL) Read more...Collapse )

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You can help cast the vote for the winner of Big Brother All Stars. Found at Reality TV Calendar.
Have Evil Dr. Will and Danielle of season three been evicted from the Big Brother 7 All Stars Jury?
Read this carefully! We don’t know if it is true. But here are the facts we do know to be true.

If you go to the CBS site here you will see that they are asking America to vote for the winner of Big Brother. Either Erika or Mike.

The page says "You, the Jury - Which of the Final Two All-Stars do you want to win BIG BROTHER? Cast your vote now."

The fine print at the bottom says:
"In the event that one of the Jurors is unable to perform their duties, your vote could be used to break a tie and help determine the winner of BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS."

After you vote (I voted for Erika) you see the following:
"Thank you for voting. If the Jury vote is tied, your vote could help determine the winner.
Be sure to tune in to the BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS finale on Tuesday, September 12, to find out who wins the Grand Prize. And check back here after the show to see who fans picked in this poll."

You’ll notice that they are not telling us how the voting is going so far. And I don’t recall ever seeing something similar on the official Big Brother site in seasons past.
There's more rumor and speculation at the above link.
Apparently Will and Danielle and possibly other jury members snuck out of the sequester house last night and went to a karaoke bar.  here's the article with a link....the link has a picture:

Big Brother All Stars Sighted in Desert Resturaunt

The all-stars from the hit CBS show, "Big Brother", are secretly shacking up in our town... Or maybe not so secretly, thanks to our Eye on the Desert spies. The "Big Brother All-Stars" have been in town for about a week after hurricane John forced them to abandon their original location, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

The reality stars were sighted at a restaurant-bar in Indio, singing karaoke, playing some golf, and well... from the picture, as you can probably tell, drinking. But they weren't there for long... Once the producer of "Big Brother" found out what was going on, he put a stop to it.


does this mean Will and Danielle's votes will no longer be legit because they broke the rules??  I don't think any season of Big Brother has ever had so much controversy in one season.....

September 8th, 2006

(no subject)

so i just watched last nights episode on cbs.com b/c i missed the first half hour... but i didn't see will go to the jury house? can anyone tell me on what part of the show that is? maybe i messed up and didn't see the very beginning????


Katie In red
Why did Mike Boogie call Erika "Scrubika?" I didn't watch the episode because I know the final outcome and it personally disgusted me.
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