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bballstars's Journal

BB All Stars
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This is the community for Big Brother 7: All Stars! We're actively recruiting new members, so please spread the word to all Big Brother fans!

1. Spoilers are allowed here. Please be aware of this. We suggest that posters use the LJ cut feature to avoid pissing people off, but do keep in mind that you're reading at your own risk!
2. If you have live feeds, and have the time, please do post updates. We love updates (especially those of us who do not have access to the feeds)!
3. Please be kind. Flaming and nastiness will get your posts deleted. We love healthy debates, but we aren't going to go off on each other regardless of opinion.
4. Big Brother always has a (somewhat) diverse cast. We acknowledge and appreciate all races, sexes, and sexual preferences here. No slurs or crap like that, or you'll have your posts removed.
5. Have fun. Big Brother is a game and we're all fans. Enjoy it. Be lively. Post as much as you want!

Here's some general info to note while posting:

HOH: Head of Household
HG(s): Houseguest(s)
FOTH: Front Of The House
(Sometimes "Fish" - when the live feeds show the front of the house or, as in recent seasons, the fishtank when they don't want you to see what's going on)
POV: Power of Veto
Nom: Short for Nominated (i.e., Noms are tomorrow)
DR: Diary Room
BR: Bedroom
LR: Living Room
WC: Watercloset (bathroom)
Kit: Kitchen
BY: Backyard

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